Privacy policy

We take our obligations concerning privacy and regulatory compliance very seriously. The purpose of this document is to provide our users with information about the purposes for which their data is processed, and on the methods used to collect, process and protect this data. It’s also intended to outline the ways in which the collected information is being used.

What kinds of personal data do we collect and why?

The site’s functionality involves acquiring information about its users. We collect personal data such as: first name and last name, email address, phone number, user’s location.

Information about users and their behavior is collected in the following ways:
by collecting information voluntarily provided by the user through forms,
by saving cookie files on client devices,
by the storage of server logs performed by the site’s hosting provider

How is information collected through the information form?
Our site collects information provided voluntarily by the user. It can also collect additional information, but only concerning connection parameters, i.e. timestamp and IP address. The data provided in the form is not shared with third parties, unless the user consents to it. The information provided in the form is processed in accordance with the content of the request, i.e. in order to handle a service request or exchange sales communications.

How is information collected using cookie files?
Our site uses cookie files. These “cookies” denote data, especially text files, stored on the user’s client device. They’re stored in order to enable the use of internet sites. In general, such files contain the name of the website from which they originate, time after which they will expire and a unique identification number. The party responsible for saving cookies on the User’s device and able to access them is the Site Operator.

The Site uses two kinds of cookie files:
– session cookies – stored on the user’s device until he or she logs out, leaves the website or turns off his or her software (web browser)
– persistent cookies – stored on the user’s device for a time specified in the cookie file’s parameters or until they’re removed by the user.

Cookie files used by the site’s operator’s partners are subject to their own privacy policy.

By default, the software used to access websites, i.e. the web browser, allows storing cookies on the client device. These settings can be modified in order to block cookies – either completely or to a specified extent. Detailed information about this option and the way cookies are handled can be found in the browser’s settings. However, you should keep in mind that limiting the use of cookies can affect some of the site’s functionality.

Cookie files stored on the Site’s User’s client device can also be used by the advertisers working with the Site Operator and by his partners. We recommend reviewing their privacy policies in order to learn, how cookies are used for purposes such as statistical analysis. Google Analytics privacy policy.

Cookie files can also be used by advertising networks, in particular by Google and Facebook, in order to display ads tailored to the way in which the Site is used by its visitor. In order to do this, they can save information about the path the user took when navigating the site or the time he spent on a given page. In case of information about user’s preferences collected by the Google ad network, the user can review and edit information stored in cookie files by using the tool available at:

How is information collected through server logs?
Information about some of the user’s behavior is logged at the server level. The data in question is used only for managing the site and ensuring the effective functioning of provided hosting services. Browsed resources are identified by their URL address. The following information can also be stored:

– time at which a request was received
– time at which a response was sent
– the name of the client station – identified using HTTP
– information about errors which occurred during an HTTP transaction
– the URL address of a previously visited site (referrer link) if the Site was reached through a link
– information about the user’s web browser

This data is not being associated with individuals browsing the sites, it’s only used to administer the server

What is the purpose of collecting this data?
There are several possibilities:

– we need the data in order to provide the products and services requested by the user
– we want to constantly develop and improve our business. Collecting and analyzing the data allows us to do that.

Who has access to user information?
The right to access user data and the right to use this data in accordance with conditions outlined here is given to the Site Operator. The data can also be shared with contractors, with whom the Site Operator works in order to provide his services. The Site Operator can also be obliged to share the information collected by the Site with authorized government agencies under provisions of the law.

User data is shared with external companies only under the user’s consent.

Access to data and its control by the user
The user has the right to receive a copy of his or her personal data from the Site Operator. The user can also request a correction of errors and inaccuracies in his or her personal data.

Protection of user information
The user has the right to receive a copy of his or her personal data from the Site Operator. The user can also request a correction of errors and inaccuracies in his or her personal data.